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Colors in Nepali : The Complete Guide

Colors make things beautiful!

Chances are, in Nepal, you’ll definitely want to cherish and talk about the colors of the blue sky, or the white snow on tall mountains.

Learning how to say colors in Nepali helps build a strong foundation for learning basic Nepali grammar.

It also makes it easy for you to understand adjectives in Nepali.

Let’s get started…

Nepali Colors List

While there are a lot of colors, you should be fine if you learn a few core colors.

 English  Nepali
 White  Seto
 Black  Kalo
 Blue  Nilo
 Yellow  Pahelo
 Red  Rato
 Green  Hariyo
 Orange  Suntala
 Brown  Khairo
 Pink  Gulabi
 Purple  Baijani
 Grey  Kharani
 Silver  Chadi
 Gold  Sunaulo

That’s about it.

You’ll be using these colors 95% of the time and won’t really need to use any other crazy names for hues.

A few other words you might use together with colors to be more precise with your description are:

 English  Nepali
 Color  Rang
 Colors  Rang haru
 Colorless  Rangahin / Rang Nabhayeko
 Light  Haluka/Halka
 Dark  Gada

Remembering the name of colors in Nepali isn’t difficult.

Look around your room or dress colors of people as you walk around.

Ask mentally to say yourself what color it is.

Practice for a few days and you’ll have remembered most Nepali colors.

If you want to be more specific and want to know what other colors would translate to in Nepali, write us in the comments below!

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